Pt (Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia III Jln.


Pelabuhan Indonesia III is a Limited State-Owned Enterprise, with all shares belong to the government of Indonesia. The main task of the corporation is to manage 39 ports in the provinces of Central Java, East Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara, South Kalimantan, and Central Kalimantan. Since 1960, Indonesia Ports was nationally managed in the form of Port State Owned Enterprise based on Government Regulation No. 19, 1960 until 1985. It changed to be public company based on Government Regulation No. 16/1983 and Government Regulation No. 6/1985. In 1992, the form of port company has been changed to be limited corporation with new name PT.(Persero) Pelabuhan Indonesia III. It goes until now.

Among the above mentioned ports, there are several ports which are directed to handle international trade, such as Port of Tanjung Perak, Tanjung Emas, Banjarmasin, Tanjung Intan, Benoa and Tenau/Kupang. Tanjung Perak and Tanjung Emas Ports have been advanced to be International Container Terminals and Banjarmasin Port in the near future.

In anticipation for cargo flow & ship calls increases, to meet and go beyond port customer’s requirements as well as to keep pace with shifting trends in the industry and trade, the management carried out several strategic programs in several areas as follows:

I. The Technology Loading / Unloading technology developed to enhance productivity and safety level, especially in container handling, by providing a dedicated terminal equipped with high tech equipment for international scale container handling.
II. Business Improvement Business improvement program is emphasized on existing business and the effort of widening capital access for investment, getting added value of managerial and technological aspects, both through joint operation with overseas partners and privatization as well as autonomously done by the company, such as:

Port of Banjarmasin
In line with the increasing of container flow in the Port of Banjarmasin with growth rate 14% encourages the company to add berth facility of 240 M2 equipped with Container Crane and RTG. Dredging of Barito Channel for 13,5 KM with the draft of –6 M LWS.
Port of Tanjung Emas Semarang
Developing of Special Area for CPO (Crude Palm Oil) handling, equipped with berth and handling equipments in Tanjung Emas Port. This Facility development has a direct synergy with availability facilities in Bagendang Port of Sampit and Bumiharjo-Port of Kumai.
Semarang International Container Terminal
The management of semarang international Container Terminal (TPKS) has accomplished the developmeny work of its facilities such as four additional gantry cranes, eight RTGC’s, a container yard over an area of 82.000 square meters, 20 head trucks, and warehouse, and a container wharf which are expected to augment service outcome to customers. The productivity of the terminal will increase significantly as it has other facilities such as eight units of transtainer (SWL 40Ts), three top loaders, two side loaders, a 77.000 sqm MTY depot, an old MTY depot of 25.000 square meters.
Port of Tanjung Perak-Surabaya
Procurement of tugboat and fiber glass pilot boat in Port of Tanjung Perak and procurement Harbor Mobile Crane (HMC) type HMK 280 with 100 tons capacity
Port of Benoa-Bali
To enhance the overseas tourist visits to Bali Island, Port of Benoa Bali will be equipped with business center and recreation. Port of Benoa will be equipped with special terminal to accomodatecruiser ship and developing marina port equipped with special berth for yacht. In enhancing the efficiency and corporate performance, PT. Pelabuhan Indonesia III has released some of its strategic businesses to be subsidiaries and settled up a joint venture corporation in port activities. The subsidiaries and joint venture corporation are as follow:
* PT. Terminal Petikemas Surabaya which is directed to be an international container handling
* PT Portek Indonesia which is purposed to do maintenance of cargo handling equipments and other port equipments
* PT. Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan Surabaya which provides port community health and medical services.
* PT. Lamin Aspalindo Tiga which specially do bulk asphalt business.
* PT. Berlian Jasa Terminal Indonesia which is purposed to handle loading/unloading in conventional cargo terminal.
* PT. Ambang Barito Nusa Persada which is specially maintain the navigational channel of Barito River.

III. Quality and Service Management System Improvement
To improve quality and port service management system as well as service administration, Pelabuhan Indonesia III has carried out:
* One stop service for vessel and cargo loading / unloading in the port of Tanjung Perak, Tanjung Emas and Banjarmasin.
* Re-ordering port service and financial administration and procedure.
* Establishing system and procedure for surrendering the use of land, waters, space and buildings.
IV. Information System Development

The top priority is focused on the development of mission critical application, which line of business will be started from Human Resources Information System Application Development and Container Document and Control Application in the Port of Tanjung Emas-Semarang. It will be improved as a starting point toward E-Commerce.